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This is supposed to be blogged way earlier. Too bad i hv to delay its due to work n thesis. I went there last month with my mates Izzah, Sue and Mira.We planned to go there since last yr when Air Asia promotes extravaganza promotion. We bought return ticket for only RM30! Murah kan??hehe.. Well, i will share  here my experiences staying in Kota Kinabalu for 5 days n 4 nights.Trust me Sabah hv fantastic scenery. Words cant explain it. 

Owhh ya..1st thing u need before u start d travel is well planning. We did it!
We arrived at Kota Kinabalu airport aroud 3.30 pm. Then we heading to Tune Hotel by using our rental car, Kelisa (RM85/day).Tune Hotel juz next to 1Borneo, d largest shopping Mall in Sabah. At night, we drove to KK town to see the night life in there and stopped at Tanjung Aru beach which was located opposite to KK Airport. Then we returned to hotel to take a bath and rest. 

Day 2

We woke up quite early dat day bcos we need to reach at Kundasang before 8.00 a.m. owhh..jgn tkejut yer 6.15am in here da subuh gajah!hehe.. 

A MUST-SEE place that shouldnt be missed with anybody's itinerary for their Sabah trip: 


A trip to KK wont be complete without visiting Kundasang. Kundasang is d closest village to Mount Kinabalu. About one hour and half drive from KK to Kundasang.Among the attractions in Kundasang are Kinabalu National Park, the War Memorial and the Desa Dairy Farm. 

I will not write much bcoz my words will b useless here i guess..hehehe..

 6.15 a.m: Bertolak dr KK

7.50 a.m : Arrived. Check in at U-Merlin Hotel. 

Visit Kinabalu Park (RM3/entry)  

9.30 a.m: Visited Strawberry and Rose Garden (RM 1/entry) 

We found a notice at Strawberry Garden that announced the blooming of Rafflesia flower. 
(then we decided to find and take a look at dis giant flower!! agak2 ktorg dpt x??hehe..) 
This flower doesn't come around very often. This rare n exotic flower takes up to 15 months to bud, yet only lasts 7 days in bloom. Owhhh...sayang btol !! (=__=)

10.00 a.m: Visit Kundasang War Memorial (RM 3/entry) 

------------------ Had lunch at Pekan Kundasang------------------------

11.15a.m: Visited Dairy Farm (RM3/entry). This farm is open to public between 8.30 am to 5.30 pm. 
Somehow makes me feel dat i am in New Zealand! hahaha.. =P 

If u come here dont forget to hv a try their fresh milk for only RM2.70/500 ml!.
So gud~ ^^

12.30 p.m: Bergerak ke Poring.

1.20 p.m: Arrived at Poring (RM3/entry)

A visit to Kinabalu Park will never be perfect without swinging by at Poring Hot Springs (PHS). PHS is open daily from 7am to 6pm. Other than d natural hot spring main attraction at PHS, there also hv Butterfly Farm, the Poring Orchid Conservation Centre, the tropical garden, the Poring Canopy Walkway n the Rafflesia flower site. We chose for canopy walk as we realized that we didn't hv much time to spend all there. In order to get to Canopy Walk, u need to walk for quite some more than 30 mins?As for sure berpeluh ketiak jgk lah..hehehe

The Walkway is 157.8m long and 41m high. Gayat sehhhh!! 

After finished walkway, we stopped for prayers at surau provided. Then we continued our mission to find d Kokob Rafflesia Conservation Garden. Based on the information received, we need to find Kg. Kokob 1st which was heading to Ranau. Errrrrr...we lost?noooopp..we juz couldn't find dat place.heheheh..Pasrah! K bye Rafflesia, will wait for you for another 15 months??hohoho... =P

Perjalanan harus diteruskan. Next station was Ranau.


Fancy something more unique than ur average spa?Then head on to Kampung Luanti, for a fish massaging session. Trust me, this is the real fish spa!hahaha.. cikidout!!

 Do u dare to feed the fishes??me??YES! selepas lame dok mlompat2 nepik2..kat tebing sg. hak3..! i juz need to try dis once in a life time! =P
Rugi la kan dtg jauh2 tp x try..kuatkan semangat everyone!!
RM 5/entry - 15 mins soak

Just a couple of minutes away from the Sg. Moroli is Sabah Tea Plantation.

5.30 p.m: arrived at Sabah Tea Plantation (STP)

Malam kat sini start awal. Ingat tu! After STP, we went to pekan Ranau. Almost all shops were already close. Hanya tinggal KFC. huhu..KFC pon KFC laaa.. Then we drove back to U-Merlin Hotel at Kinabalu Park. I guess d temperature went down to 15 degree Celsius at night. Grrrrr...teramat2 sejuk! No aircond provided , juz natural cooling..rasa cam di takat beku da kowt?hee..sejukbeku!

Day 3

Kami bgn awal. Pukul 4.45a.m sudah bgn dan bersiap. Pukul 6.00 a.m bergerak turun dari Kinabalu Park.

Bye2 Mount Kinabalu. I will come again in future =)


The 3rd day started early as we had planned to Tuanku Abdul Rahman Marine Park. The marine park is a cluster of islands which are Pulau Gaya, Pulau Sapi, Pulau Manukan, Pulau Mamutik and Pulau Sulug. all only 10-20 mins speedboat ride from KK. The boat transfers to d island r available daily from 7.30 am-pm at Jesselton Pount Ferry Terminal. Boat transfer fares and additional package to the islands are listed as follows:

Boat fee: RM20 (return) for two islands (we chose Manukan and Mamutik Island) 
Life jacket with snorkeling equipments: RM10
Banana Boat : RM 20
Parasailing: RM50
Total damage: RM100

enjoyable trip for the girls.... ^^

Having fun in the water..Mamutik island hv many coral area compared to Manukan island. Thus the coral fish can be easily spotted under the crystal sea water..i spotted school of rainbow fish, fish with stripes and some covered with spot..i dunno their name lol..They even bite my finger nails hehe... luckily i found one Nemo fish when snorkeling at Manukan island.. Too bad i dun have any underwater camera...wish to hv one soon... (^^,)v

 My first Parasailing! Have you tried before?It was really fun and thrilling!haha..The most unforgettable moment was when they lower you down into the sea and lift you up in the sky again.. \(^^,)/

We had the most fun on the banana boat ride.. apa yang penting kerjasama! hehe..

Around 3pm our speed boat came and we headed back to Jesselton Point. Then we returned to Tune Hotel. At night i missed having dinner at Seafood Gayang with my mates. I got gastric..perhaps i was too exhausted and didn't tk regular meals..heeee... 

Day 4 


On the next day, we had a chance to go to Gaya Street Tamu or morning market. This tamu only held on Sunday from as early as 6 am untill 1 pm. I can find almost anything from fruits, vegetables, the famous Sabah vase, herbs, local kerepek, pets, handicraft, traditional music instruments, and the famous Sabah Pearls! ^^  However,my friend said that Night Market at Kampung Air more cheaper compared in Tamu Gaya. Make sure u know how to bargain or you will pay them more then u should.

Shopping time.... ^^

At 11 pm we heading to Kota Marudu to meet our friend there, Syakirah. She is a teacher in SK Kota Marudu. Then she lead us to Tanjung Simpang Mengayau, Kudat. 

About 3 hours drive from KK. The road leading to Kudat passes through Tuaran, Kota Belud and Kota Marudu.


Kudat is famous for its Rungus longhouses, traditional gong making villages and handicrafts, and the Tanjung Simpang Mengayau,the nothernmost point on the island of Borneo known as the Tip of Borneo. Along the road we passed through mostly coconut plantations and the villages. We didn't hv much time to visit Kampung Bavanggazo not far from the main road to Kudat where the kaum Rungus stay in their traditional longhouse. 

awesome rite??A beautiful place and should not be missed by those visiting Sabah!

Rasanya ni lah kemuncak our travel in Sabah..we were at the Tip of Borneo!!! 

Take nothing but photoghraphs, leave nothing but footprints ^^

Around 6pm we drove back to KK. One last mission was to find YOYO drink at Suria Sabah. Im wondering y people love to drink YOYO..even my best buddy ask me to hv a try when u came to Sabah..It juz ice blended with flavors??

Hehe..ugly faces from us. Nop..the true ckp air muka tidak boleh menipu.. =P 

Day 5

At 9am we checked out at Tune Hotel, drove back to KK airport, left our rental car there n fly back to KL. 

Well, we had lots of fun there. It is justified to visit Sabah on ur holiday trip. I wish to come again to explore more the nature beauty destinations in Sabah. Sabah has something for everyone. Go visit! (^^,)v

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

I've been tagged!

Its a GAME! yes! ive been tagged by my cousin angah . Once you've been tagged, you have to write a post with 11 things,habits or goals about you.  At the end, choose six people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them. 

First Step: Rules
  1. You must post these rules.
  2. Each person must post 11 things about themselves in their Journal.
  3. Answer the questions tagger set for you in their post and create 11 new questions for the people you tagged to answer.
  4. You have to choose 11 people to tag and link them on the post.
  5. Go to their page and tell them you have tagged him/her.
  6. No tag back.!!
  7. No stuff in the tagging section about "YOU ARE TAGGED IF YOU READ THIS!" YOU LEGITIMATE LY (a.k.a really, with all honesty) have tagged 11 people.
So, lets start.... n enjoy reading ^ ^

Second Step: 11 Things about me

1. Sy kurus. Eh tak..skrg da normal. Sejarah dulu laa, sgt kurus! Underweight! Berat masa umur 18-20 thn is 38kg dgn tggi 159cm!! Kalo angin tiup mmg rase nk terbang. Kalo dulu mkn la ape2 pon jgn harap nk nek..Skrg tidak lg.ewahhh..Thx to my best buddy..He really good in exercise. He asked me to jog n take essential nutrition in my daily meal to get d right balance. Now i realized that exercise keeps our body at a healthy weight. ehehe.. Skrg brt sy 50kg.teheee.. BMI da cun.auwww~

2. I love food. Yer, semua org pon suka mkn hehe.. =P 

3. Sy susah nak buat keputusan. Kalo bab shopping, jumpe 2 kaler yg cantek n tpaksa pilih, biasernye ending with beli dua2!hehehe..

4. Umur 24 tahun sy belajar berenang. Sy amek kelas.Skrg sy boleh berenang dgn 2 style. Breast stroke n free style. Suka sgttt!! Berenang is satu kepuasan pd sy! ^^ 

5. I think i am independent woman. An independent woman can go shopping alone!ahahaha... yes! Sy suka pegi shopping mines, midvelly, sogo, jusco, klcc sorg2..

6. Sy ade anak untuk disara. Myvi ezi 1.3. Skin color is white pearl. Hehe.. stiap bulan bg makan RM500. Sy dpt masa umur 23 tahun. At first pakai duit scholarship NSF then skrg monthly ditanggung sendiri. woahh~

7. Zaman kegemilangan sy rs nya time skolah menengah dulu kowt? Sgr rajin dan sgt baek heee..

8. Status sy skrg?Master student with research(final sem) and at the same time working at Institute for Public Health as assistant of research officer,now im handling Global Adult Tobacco Survey (GATS) project. 

9. Cita2 sy nak bukak satu cafe. Macam Karen cafe dlm cerite One Tree Hill tuuu... 

10. Sekarang umur sy dah 25 tahun taw??hehe..

11. InsyaAllah bulan 3 tahun dpn sy akan kawen. Sy rs sy dah sedia fizikal, mental n kewangan hehe..Tp risau penerimaan org disekeliling sy..bsediakah mereka tuk melihat sy kawen?? 

Third Step: Answer the Questions

(This is for you angah, i will answer ur questions since ive been tagged)

1. Siapa paling anda suka stalk?

2. Rasa-rasa diri anda ni comel x?
Kdg2 rasa chomel sgttttt...kdg2 rs ok chomel jer..n kdg2 rs comot! =P

3. Kalau korang boleh bersemuka dengan aku, apa korang nak cakap or bagi? aku terima jerrrr
Nak ckp....ermmm bile nak kawen??=P 

4. Kalau umi aku jual kerepek and abah aku suka main njitnjit semut sampai berbalam, mak bapak korang pulak?
Abah suka maen n layan cucu dia ehehe.. n ma plak suka tgok hindustan smpai nangeh2..huhu

5. Setakat hidup lebih 15 tahun pastinya, apa benda korang paling suka?
ermmm..ntah la.. yg ni x reti nk jwb.. leh spesifik x?hee..

6. Menyesal x berguna. Tapi kalau buat lagi?
Kalo buat yg pastinya menyesal la lg! hehe..

7. Kalau jumpa ex-bf o ex-gf, agak-agak pe respon korang?
Senyum! pastu trus tanye bile nak kawen??hehe.. 

8. Kalau aku tahu bf aku ader awek lain, aku santau jer 22 orang tu, kalau korang??
Tak santau. Tp tanya byk2 soklan..bile korg start suke sm ske?nape?blablabla3...

9. Soalan aku semua nya xleh blah. Sajer2 buat korang cuak. boleh tanya sket, korang suka aku x??
Sudah pasti suka.

10. Bila nak kahwin?
InsyaAllah bln 3 taun dpn. Tarikh akn dibincangkan. Soon akan dihebohkan^^

11. Terima kasih sudi jawab semua soalan bodo kat atas. Soalan last ni aku serius nak tahu jawapan korang. Aper pendapat korang sal nikah khitbah??
In malay tu mksudnya nikah gantung. Ok jer. Tp kena bsedia dr segi mental. Better kawen dr     kapel lame2..n mendorong ke arah maksiat. 

Phewhhhhh!!okeh tamat sudah task yg sungguh berat neh. ehehe.. I think i wanna break d rules. No new questions to ask and no tag others. ok? 



Saturday, 19 November 2011

Durian Puff

Sy jatuh chenta pada rasa pertama!teheee... siries! Durian blended with yogurt! Just one bite puff, flavoured whole mouth!! 

The most delicious fresh durian stuff i had ever experienced! Crispy on the outside, soft and filled with natural durian inside. 

YYUMMMYYY!!! tak perlu kata apa2... 

Amni: Let me try....


Seddddaaappppppp lahhhh!!! 

Errrrr...nak lagi pliss!! =PP

p/s: Thanks Edi! sbb bg taw kewujudan durian puff ni kt mines. As a die-hard durian lover, i love them!hahahha =PP.

Location: Mines. (stall one bite puff berhadapan dgn Shushi King
Price: RM 8 for 6 pcs or RM20 for 18 pcs.


Saturday, 12 November 2011

GROUPON + Fish Manhattan

Okeh. 1st of all i would like to share what currently i am crazy about. heee.. GROUPON! 
Trust me if u cant control urself u will get same syndrome with me, called grouponism..kui3.. 
What is GROUPON? Groupon is a group of coupon that u can purchase with an easy way that
consists of restaurants, salons, beauty products, hotels, gadgets n many more!! . If u looking for cool stuff to do, but don't want to spend a lot of money like me..then you'll love Groupon. WHY?? coz Groupon Malaysia offers up to 90% discounts on exciting stuff to try every week. We will be able to get stuff at prices that we can't find anywhere else. So,what r u waiting for, sign up now n u will never miss the deals from Groupon Malaysia as what i did! ^^  

How Groupon Malaysia works:

1) Sign up with Groupon Malaysia

2) Snap up the deal of the day (dont forget to check ur email)

3) Ready to shop by clicking on the "Buy Now!" button. U can choose ur payment method either credit card or online baking through MEPS. Submit ur order.

4) Then, u will get ur voucher!

5) Ready to redeem ur coupon. Juz show the printed voucher at ur redeem outlet.yeayyy!! 

Look at what i did:


 Berbaloi bkn? I juz bought dis coupon at price RM32.40 Instead of RM64.84  for Giant Fried Platter. Makan 4 org! 

Fish Manhattan: Your visit make our living in the ocean more meaningful. Ceyy giteww~! 

Giant fried platter contains shrimps, calamari and fish nuggets, served on a bed of garlic herb rice and chips with brocolli and carrots! wallllaaaa~~
Krew dibelakang tabir. =PP

Buurrrrpppppppp!!! Kenyang perot ati senang.. ^^

What's next on Groupon??? =P

owhh dah beli another groupon!

Beauty package! RM38 instead of RM1228! Psediaan nak kawen gi facial n massage dulu lah ngeeeeeee.....  =PP

Album Photo story book!! Kalo kat luar tuk 40 pages cost RM600-800 taw! sy dpt 50 hengget sj!
Ok! Album kawen. =PP

Ok, Bye!


Monday, 10 October 2011

ISN Conference + Jalan2 + Makan2

Last TWO weeks sy TERjoin conferece yg memang x de kaitan langsung dengan study sy..haha sy hanya dtg tayang muka, tadah telinga, jalan2 dan makan2 shj! =P

Mereka yg berconference smggu di Hotel J.W.Marriot kat area Bukit Bintang. Kawan2 dari usm kk. Adot, Syam, Faizal, Cy n Zul. Sports Med and Sports Science Conference yg bertempat di J.W.Marriot kat area Bukit Bintang. Yg kn bom tu J.W Marriot kat Bali yer!! =P
In my point of view,that was a good chance to attend such a great conference and definitely  would be a great benefit to ongoing studies to you guys. De rase semangat nak wat phD x pasni??hehe.. 
And personally i was impressed with u guys. Good luck then~ ^^

 (^ ^)b

Pretty cool haa d conference was held in d middle area of Bukit Bintang!haha.. J.W.Marriot just opposite of Pavilion.Bayangkan lah berapa byk dorg ni shopping window shopping!hehe... Sy pon jarang de pluang nk dtg cni. Stakat pegi Low Yatt n Time Square beli2 then blk. Ade tujuan br dtg!last skali pegi Pavilion final yr degree??woahh almost 3 yrs ago!nk dtg lelepak x lah..Bile lg dapat jumpa n spending time together cam ni ngan kwn2 kn. Seronok jugak cuci2 mata tgok gelagat org n nite life kt cni! kupu2 mlm for sure berterbangan mula menjalankan operasi hahaha... 

Life in Bukit Bintang (Hasil google~)
Datang bkn sekadar berconference. Al-maklum lah x salu dpt peluang cam gni kn. For me the most precious one is spending time with our good friends n i love hang out with u guys. Bler lg?dan di mana?ecehh..ok smua org bz..smua org ade agenda msg2..n smua org akan..akan??akan keja?akan sambung stadi?akan kawen?akan?akan?akan pape jer..hehe.. Soon we tend to miss our young life..then br kte sdr, how time flies by~

Owhh yer mlm dinner conference! da pakai chantek2 da mlm tuu..(perasan chanteks heh!) tp x sempat nk sempat!tp ade sesuatu yg blaku..tpksa kluar awl..sape pena jln kaki ayam kt bintang street??SAYA!!hahahaha... gedik la kn nk pkai wedges 6 inches jln sket punya jauh..kereta x mbantu lgsg!! JAMMM! jln2 punya jln carik Restoran Melayu kat jln Conlay tetiba tapak wedges tu tetanggal seblah. Da la smpai lmbt, org da mkn2..last2 kuar awl..hee.. jalan2 blk singgah mkn kat resotaran pak arab Al-Marakesh. lg sedap llahh!

Pilihan perot: chicken shawarma n yg tergulung dlm roti tu lamb shawarma. mkn sorg mmg x abes. 

Susukah??pak arab ckp "laaaak" !!tidak2.. it juz a glass of yogurt milk! sgt freshh.. pure yogurt! msm2 n pekat!hehe.. ermm owhh tu sos. tp x phm nape ditulis "hot sauce" sbb rase nye x hot lgsg! mmg taste pak arab camgni?masam2..mcm sos kat Nandos!  
After all, thx kpd yg belanjer! Weee... jumpa lg. thx =)

okeh, back to our normal daily routine... live life to the fullest and luv ur job!!

psttt..sape sangka lepas jumpa kat conference kte keja same2 kt IKU kn Adot?kn Syam?hehe.. ^^

Till here,

Najihah Ismail  

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Seoul Garden

Annyeong haseyo..어떻게 당신이 있습니다 

Da makan??blom??ape kate pi mkn kat Seoul...x jauh pon..hehe mimpi je la kalo dpt gi Seoul smpai 3-4 kali kn.. Bler la dpt jejak kaki kt negara winter sonata tu ntah bler..dpt gi Seoul Garden ni kire gembira abes ah...hati sng prot laaaaagi sng!! ngeee...

Seoul Garden??

Well, it's a place dat u can eat korean sizzling buffet. To make the whole steamboat korean, they hv those marinated chicken, beef, and fish like chicken bulgogi (spicy), tom yam, teriyaki, coffee etc.. Ni la yg wat dorg spesel compared to others steamboat buffet..kalo kt tmpt laen biasa nya x de marinate2 cenggini..n they provide 4 soups dat we can choose including Chinese Herbal, Ginseng Chicken, Tomyam and Kimchi soup.. Pilihan sy??tom yam! 

The marinated chicken, beef, fish etc.. seafood products including prawn,
lala, kepah, squid, mussel, scallop, crab etc..
Vege section
Noodles section and variety of sauces
Drinks n cold can refill anytime u want
Kimchi! x lgkap la kn kalo dtg cni x mkn kimchi..
Lets start!!

Ice kacang corner..juz put anything u letak byk2 jagung..
thus my ice kacang turn yellowish color!muahaha..
ice cream with variety flavors.. add on blended nuts+raisins+corn flakes..walllaa!!

Me with my sisters..dorg sume excited! bagus2..follow me hahaha =P
(Taken 16/09/11 @ Seoul Garden IOI Mall , Puchong)
My 1st visit with my frens..izzah n Su..
(Taken 27/10/2010 @ Seoul Garden One Utama)
owhh ya price??
Ni sy google kt tenet. The prices excludes service charge 10%
Untung kn jadik student lg??hehe... Peringatan kpd student2..bwk lah matrik kad anda ke mana2 je pon..slagi boleh guna, guna lah! masuk tgok wayang pon sy pkai student card lg! biar da expired smpn taw leh pkai?muka kn bajet muda!=P

Burrrrppppppp....Alhamdulillah.heee.. best kn?? ^^

i loveeeee makan2! hehe.. 
Till here, Saranghae oppa!!oopss..tetibe hehe..(sindrom ceghita korean) =P

 사랑해요 !!