Saturday, 19 November 2011

Durian Puff

Sy jatuh chenta pada rasa pertama!teheee... siries! Durian blended with yogurt! Just one bite puff, flavoured whole mouth!! 

The most delicious fresh durian stuff i had ever experienced! Crispy on the outside, soft and filled with natural durian inside. 

YYUMMMYYY!!! tak perlu kata apa2... 

Amni: Let me try....


Seddddaaappppppp lahhhh!!! 

Errrrr...nak lagi pliss!! =PP

p/s: Thanks Edi! sbb bg taw kewujudan durian puff ni kt mines. As a die-hard durian lover, i love them!hahahha =PP.

Location: Mines. (stall one bite puff berhadapan dgn Shushi King
Price: RM 8 for 6 pcs or RM20 for 18 pcs.


Saturday, 12 November 2011

GROUPON + Fish Manhattan

Okeh. 1st of all i would like to share what currently i am crazy about. heee.. GROUPON! 
Trust me if u cant control urself u will get same syndrome with me, called grouponism..kui3.. 
What is GROUPON? Groupon is a group of coupon that u can purchase with an easy way that
consists of restaurants, salons, beauty products, hotels, gadgets n many more!! . If u looking for cool stuff to do, but don't want to spend a lot of money like me..then you'll love Groupon. WHY?? coz Groupon Malaysia offers up to 90% discounts on exciting stuff to try every week. We will be able to get stuff at prices that we can't find anywhere else. So,what r u waiting for, sign up now n u will never miss the deals from Groupon Malaysia as what i did! ^^  

How Groupon Malaysia works:

1) Sign up with Groupon Malaysia

2) Snap up the deal of the day (dont forget to check ur email)

3) Ready to shop by clicking on the "Buy Now!" button. U can choose ur payment method either credit card or online baking through MEPS. Submit ur order.

4) Then, u will get ur voucher!

5) Ready to redeem ur coupon. Juz show the printed voucher at ur redeem outlet.yeayyy!! 

Look at what i did:


 Berbaloi bkn? I juz bought dis coupon at price RM32.40 Instead of RM64.84  for Giant Fried Platter. Makan 4 org! 

Fish Manhattan: Your visit make our living in the ocean more meaningful. Ceyy giteww~! 

Giant fried platter contains shrimps, calamari and fish nuggets, served on a bed of garlic herb rice and chips with brocolli and carrots! wallllaaaa~~
Krew dibelakang tabir. =PP

Buurrrrpppppppp!!! Kenyang perot ati senang.. ^^

What's next on Groupon??? =P

owhh dah beli another groupon!

Beauty package! RM38 instead of RM1228! Psediaan nak kawen gi facial n massage dulu lah ngeeeeeee.....  =PP

Album Photo story book!! Kalo kat luar tuk 40 pages cost RM600-800 taw! sy dpt 50 hengget sj!
Ok! Album kawen. =PP

Ok, Bye!