Sunday, 7 August 2011

5th August

Last 2 days i turned 25 years old. I am one year further along in life. What should i say?Alhamdulillah. 25 is a quarter of century in age (kalau sy pnjg umur). There are still a million things that i havent done. Recently, they put 25 is deadlines that seems to think serious and decide in our life...finish study, starting a good career, looking forward to hv a marriage. Me?Agreed! 

Here, i am trying to list the major events that have happened in my life till 25th:

6th  -  My 1st school (Tadika Yayasan Islam Terengganu)
*Uniform= tudung pink+baju putih+kaen biru muda hehe..

7th  -  Primary school (Sek.Keb. Kg Raja , Terengganu)

....12th  -  UPSR
*Result = 5 A 

13th  -  Entering secondary school (SMKA Kerian, Perak)
*owhhh...taun ini sy period hehe..bermula gadis sunti giteww.. =P

15th  -  PMR
*Result = 8A 1B

17th  -  SPM
*Result = 5A 6B
*after SPM br dpt henpon nokia 3310! Henpon plg canggih abad tu kot...ehehe

18th  - Matriculation (Kolej MARA Seremban, N.9)

19th  -  Bermula alam siswazah @  Universiti Putra Malaysia (Hons) Biology
*Kenangan yg x mungkin dpt dilupakan..mcm2 ade.. <3 <3 <3

22th  - Convocation Degree
              - further study (Master Sc. Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition)

24th  - Beli kereta! 1st harta sdiri plg mahal penah ade!hehe..
Myvi ezi white pearl ^^

25th - InsyaAllah, will finish up my Master study

then???what's next??

Kawen??hehe..yer sy mau! (Gatai naaa... =P)

Career 1st! (Hmmm...ape la yer..)

nx..nx...nx..nx..year..ehehe. skrg mau rest dl.

owhh yer..kali ni sy sambut birthday sy pd hari Jumaat, n pd bulan Ramadhan..n plg x tahan tu demam yg sgt teruk. Ujian yg diberikan oleh-Nya, i guess. Well, i am 25 years old. Ok, noted.

Till here.


Najihah Ismail 

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